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What will you decide?

So what are you looking forward to once life can go back to some semblance of normalcy? This global pandemic has thrown our entire country into a place we’ve never really known before. We have had to rethink how we do so many things and our way of life is forever changed by these events. What will you decide as we move forward?

Depending on who you talk to, you’ll get a range of reactions and opinions about covid-19 and how it has impacted people everywhere. For some, it’s just an inconvenience at most and others have proclaimed it as the ‘end times’ in the making. Then there’s the majority in-between treating it as serious, following the distancing guideline, and trying to stay safe while keeping others safe by staying away. History will be the true measure of these events but I’m sure the pundits and authorities will continue to debate the merits of the lockdown.

I for one am ready to once again get back to life as we knew it even if many things will have changed permanently. My wife and I have discussed our ‘bucket list’ for when we can get out and freely enjoy living in our great country again. That’s the funny thing about the ’shelter-in-place’ restrictions pronounced by our government. It has pulled our focus into great clarity. WE KNOW what we are missing in life right now. So it follows like the old line, “you don’t know what ya’ got till it’s gone.”

While we are missing many things and events in life, we have probably also come to appreciate what we have now more than ever. Sometimes it takes the darkness in life before we can see the light of the good stuff we took for granted before. It’s a tough lesson to endure I know. No doubt that the economic fall-out from this shutdown will thrust our country into another recession if not depression. Loss in many forms will cover us for a long time I’m afraid. But I have hope that we, as a nation will open our eyes to what is important in life. Maybe we can all slow down and smell the roses finally?

Yes, this has been a very trying time but please take stock of your life right now. Use this as your personal teaching moment to know where you want to go and what you want out of life. As my late wife wrote me, “We are not promised tomorrow.” Find what is good in life, surround yourself with positivity, and find your purpose so that you can live your best life ever. This is your moment to choose a direction so choose wisely.

—Sean Burnley

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