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A World-wide Pandemic, Historic Unemployment, and Creating Something New.

We are still in a shelter in place order but you wouldn’t really know it. Unemployment jumped by 26 million in the last month yet the Dow is still showing high numbers. Gas is the cheapest it’s been in probably 20 years but we got nowhere to go. Are you ready to start something new yet? Now is the time.

I had a friend recently posting about his experience of trying to re-hire employees at his company who were declining because they supposedly were making more on unemployment. He went on to say millions on unemployment will be vying for the same jobs when their unemployment runs out. His post struck a nerve in me because I took his comments as a slight against those who have asked for government assistance.

Firstly, our government “leaders” are the one's who set up a 'pay more' to stay home lopsided unemployment scheme, so shame on them for even making it seem more desirable to be unemployed. But I agree that if someone was offered to return to their original job and refused in order to make more temporarily is short sighted and will always be job hopping. You don’t want them working for you anyway. They have no desire to improve themselves or their situation and that's on them. Government controls those who are constantly looking to them for help.

Through all this, many loyal employees will find out that they have become expendable when the chips are down. Some companies do not look at you as a person who invests in the company with all that you do. You are numbers on a calculator. Most people feel “secure” working for someone else until they find out that security was a mirage. That's why I have been self-employed since being laid off from a career job in 2009.

Yeah, there’s always going to be freeloaders looking for the ‘free’ stuff, but the majority of those millions returning back to the workforce don’t want to be in that group, I promise you. Most Americans don’t want the government to be their caretaker indefinitely. The good news is with so many looking for work, someone will be willing to take those positions when others don’t.

Better yet, many thousands of laid off workers will find it in themselves to go out and create something completely new. Something of their own making. They will become their own boss because they don’t want to feel dependent on anyone else. A new age of entrepreneur will come out of this nationwide crisis and we will see entirely new businesses created.

Yes, America is taking a beating right now and the economic fallout will take a heavy toll on us. But rest assured, there are many who will seize the challenge and use this as a learning experience to grow from. They will build a stronger self thus building a stronger nation.

Sean Burnley

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