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My First Blog Post

Welcome to my ramblings!

My journal will be where I share stories about my art journey, helpful ideas, maybe some rants, and probably some things I hope will inspire others.

Since ‘blogging’ for me has mainly consisted of Facebook posts, I may not be a polished presenter of the information you seek. I’m just gonna’ write and say it like I’d write and say it. I’ll probably misspell some words and my sentence structure may not follow correct syntax.

I don’t plan to carefully select each and every word here as if I were writing a novel. Snapshots of ideas and stories is the plan. But then again, I can tend to ramble.

You’ll see I like using contractions because that’s the way I speak normally anyway. Run on sentences don’t scare me I may begin a sentence with a conjunction just because I can. Beware all you grammar police, this journal may irk your sensibilities. Some topics will be useless to artists but others may be exactly what they were wondering about. I hope to make this a place to expand on ideas and if nothing else, work through things in my own head.

Thanks for stopping by site and I hope you get something out of these musings.

—Sean Burnley

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